Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cub Scouts?

Scouting is a valuable combination of “adventure with a purpose”. The boys see fun, but everything in the program supports the desired outcomes of Cub Scouting: character development, participatory citizenship, personal fitness, outdoor skills and awareness, and leadership. 

My son wasn’t in Cub Scouts last year, can he join without having completed the previous year?

Scouts are welcome to join at any time of year during grades K – 5. Note that the 5th graders cross over to Boy Scouts in February of their 5th grade year. 

When are Pack meetings?

We are working hard to keep our children safe. As a COVID precaution, we will have a limited number of Pack meetings (all grades K-5). When scheduled, the will be once a month on Wednesday evenings, generally from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at St. Julia’s Parish Hall or at the Weston Scout House. In place of monthly Pack meetings, we will schedule more small group (Den) meetings and host Pack events outdoors. Make sure to check the calendar and our upcoming events.

When are den meetings?

Age-specific den meetings (Lions, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) are once or twice a per month at a time and place chosen by the den leaders. Den meetings generally last 60-90 minutes at the Weston Scout House. 

When are Pack Activities?

Pack activities vary. For example, our collection of food for a local food pantry occurs on a Saturday morning while overnights run from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. There is typically one Pack activity each month. 

St. Julia’s Parish charters Pack 157, but I’m not a member there…

Pack 157 welcomes families of all faiths. You do not need to be a member of the congregation to join the pack.  

Is Cub Scouts a “drop-off” activity?

In general, we hope that you will stay and actively participate. But rules depend on age. The BSA requires that Lions and Tigers (K and 1st graders) have a parent present at all activities. Pack 157 requires that older Cubs have a parent present at all activities, unless (1) explicit prior agreement has been made with the activity leader, (2) there is another adult who has agreed to be responsible for the Scout and (3) the parent has signed and submitted a BSA Activity Consent Form. For trips and overnights, a parent is required for each child, regardless of age. When Webelos (4th and 5th grade) participate in Boy Scout-led activities, parents are usually not required, though still welcome. When your Scout enters high school and it is no longer cool to have a parent tag along, you’ll realize how special the Cub Scout years are! 

Can my son try a meeting or event before joining?

Absolutely! Boys are welcome to attend Cub Scout meetings and events before deciding to join. Potential Scouts must have a parent/guardian in attendance. They are welcome to attend the daytime portion of the Scout House overnight but cannot spend the night until they are registered Scouts. 

Can I bring siblings to Scouting events?

Generally yes, but for the time being we are working hard to keep everyone’s children safe. As a COVID precaution, we are not allowing siblings at meetings. When siblings are able to join us and we when we have limited seating, siblings are accommodated after Scouts. 

My son has some behavior problems, what do I need to do?

You are responsible for the supervision of your children at Cub Scout events. Simply be prepared to step in to help him participate constructively or take him home, if necessary. 

We have calendar conflicts, can we still participate?

Yes. Pack 157 offers a very rich Scouting experience and a very full calendar. Few can attend every activity. No activities are mandatory. Note that if your son is unable to attend the den activities related to rank advancement, he can complete it at home. 

How much are dues? What do they cover?

Each boy pays $150/year Pack 157 dues. This covers BSA registration, council program fee, insurance, Boys’ Life magazine subscription, Cub Scout Handbook, and a neckerchief. The balance helps pay for badges, awards and den meeting expenses. If this fee is a hardship, please contact the Cubmaster who will figure out a sliding scale for your family.

What do I need to pay for besides dues?

You need to acquire a Cub Scout uniform shirt for your son. Hats are encouraged, but optional. Patch vests, Scout belts, and Scout pants are also great, but are also optional. Overnight trips and some outings have a fee associated with them.

How does Pack 157 pay for meeting expenses, special events, etc.?

We participate in a single council-sponsored annual fundraiser. The Scouts sell Trail’s End Popcorn in September and October. This is a highly regarded program and greatly benefits the Pack so Scouts are highly encouraged to participate. 

Should I support the Weston Scout House?

Absolutely! Weston was blessed many years ago by the generous donation of a house dedicated to Scouting and enjoyed by both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. However, it is not maintained by GSUSA or the BSA. It is maintained by an independent volunteer board (“Weston Scouts Inc.”) who apply donations to the maintenance of the property to support Scouts in Weston. It is easy to become a member online:

Who runs Pack 157?

Parent volunteers run Pack 157. The Volunteer Chart lists all the adult volunteers and open positions. 

How can I help?

First, Cub Scouts is a family-centered activity, and so the more your family participates, the better the experience for your son, his den and his Pack. Volunteer for one of our many leadership and team positions.