Uniform guide

What you need to supply

You can order uniforms on-line, or purchase at any local Scout Shop

Scout Shirt: 1st – 3rd graders wear a blue Cub Scout shirt. 4th and 5th grade Webelos can continue to wear their blue shirt, but if they get a new shirt during 4th or 5th grade, they should get a khaki Boy Scout shirt that they’ll be able to wear when they graduate to Boy Scouts in February of the 5th grade. In all cases, we recommend a short sleeve shirt with room to grow so that your boy will be able to wear his shirt more than one year.

Neckerchief Slide: Your son will need a slide for his neckerchief, and he will probably lose it. Rather than purchasing multiple slides, consider leading a den activity for the boys to construct their own.

Den Hat: Hats are popular with Cub Scout age boys but optional.

Scout Pants are optional, though blue pants are recommended. Some boys really like the new official Scout Pants that zip-off and have all the pockets.

Scout Belt is ideal for holding adventure loops earned by Tigers, Wolves and Bears.

What the Pack will supply

Pack 157 supplies neckerchiefs and patches.

There is a new color neckerchief for each year. When your son graduates at the end of the year and receives a new color, please consider returning his old one to the Pack so we can give it to one of the boys moving up.

Insignia The Pack will supply each boy with a 157 unit badge for his uniform, Mayflower Council shoulder emblem, and World Crest emblem. The Pack supplies all advancement badges, including Webelos colors. All you need to do is attach them to his shirt. Here is the Uniform Insignia Placement Guide Uniform Insignia Placement Guide